My Kind of Yoga

Vinoy Park – St. Petersburg, FL

It’s been a while since I posted anything pertaining specifically to my yoga journey. Right now I am doing my best to balance my passions and the work associated with making those things happen. I moved to St. Pete for chiropractic school back in August 2017 and for the past few months I’ve been teaching at two studios I really love and used to only imagine teaching at. I remember when I honestly doubted I would ever teach regularly, but it is happening and I am deeply grateful for the wonderful people in my life who support and encourage my pursuit of what makes me happy.

My kind of yoga isn’t focused on mastering advanced asanas, I’m more eager to master the balance necessary to live well in union with God. That may look different for each of us, but for me it is simplicity, patience and gentle compassion for myself without judgement or comparison to others. The poses may come eventually, but if not, that’s okay too.

I want my profession, my hobbies, my food, my environment to be that which cultivates a healthy mind, body, and spirit (the entire purpose of starting this blog five years ago was to support this journey). This is my heart’s greatest desire. This is my truth.

Right now my ‘yoga’ is :

  • Taking time to breathe when I wake up, placing a hand over my heart and feeling it beat
  • checking in with my  posture throughout the day to breathe into my heart space and open my chest (I tend to hunch over due to years of negative self talk and low self-esteem, combating the energetic and musculature developments associated with this is a constant conscious efforts)
  • Making eye contact with peace instead of fear
  • taking yoga classes and not just teaching 
  • flowing alone
  • trying not to take on too much ( it’s okay to say NO!)
  • enjoying silence
  • listening
  • putting my phone and other electronics down and away from my body
  • maintaining a healthy relationship with food
  • removing excess stuff from my life
  • taking care of my plants
  • appreciating the little things
  • smiling at myself until it’s real
  • resting without guilt

Yoga truly is a life of mindful progress. That looks different for everyone. All I can really do is honor my journey and share it when I can. We each have all that we need within ourselves. One thing I know for sure it that fear and anxiety blocks the inner reservoir of light and love within each of us. How cool would it be if everyone tapped into that space? What a world it would be. #goals lol

The light within me, honors the light within you. Wishing you well always.


Tavia Rahki

Lavender Lane

I’ve spent 40 days in Lakhimpur ( a small part of Northern India) teaching Yoga and English. I’m now back in Burkina Faso-Africa, getting rest before returning to volunteer at an orphanage I was serving at in January at the start of my trip.

I’ve been reflecting on the smaller details of this journey and felt compelled to share my experience with the dainty shade of purple known as lavender.

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Training Wheels 

My yoga teacher training is complete. I’ve spent over 200 hours learning and practicing but there’s this voice in my head that discourages me from running full throttle at teaching my first class. I could say I haven’t had enough time or that I didn’t finish all the books I wanted to read…but I know those are just excuses to cover up my fear of inadequacy. I tell myself I don’t know enough, or that I don’t have time, or that I won’t speak loud enough, or that my students won’t like me. I had a talk with that little discouraging voice and I told it to SHUT UP. 

I started drawing my stick figures for my first class. I don’t know where it will be or how soon but I started and that was enough to help me believe in myself. I want to share yoga asana with other people and guide them through an experience that leaves them feeling sparked with the fire of love and light. This is the current mission and I’m on it. I am so excited to be a yoga instructor. My feet are wet, I just need to dive in. I can do this.

I feel the same way I did when my Dad took the training wheels off my bike. What did I need to do once he let go of the back of my bike seat? Balance and pedal. I didn’t worry about not being ‘good enough’ to ride a bike. (aaand there was also the consequence of falling and getting scraped up that kept me going lol).

I realize that all the worrying is making a simple thing way more complicated than it really is. 

I remember hearing the advice “You’re getting in the way of yourself”…but never really understood it until now. 

I’m going to keep reminding myself that yoga is like my bike, I just need to find balance and pedal. That’s my focus. (And besides that, not following my heart is even worse than getting all scraped up). 


– Tavia Rahki

Looney Tunes 


Me: “heyyyy gal, you’re pretty dope.”

Myself: “Omg stop. How true is that really ? ”

I: “ As true as you want it to be.”

‘Motivational self- talk reduces perception of effort, enhances endurance performance and task completion.’ -The Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine

This is just one research example of how self-dialogue promotes a healthy internal environment. Talking to yourself is beneficial to your wellness, and can seriously make your life flow more smoothly.

I’ve heard of positive affirmations, speaking things into the universe, manifesting your desires, etc.


it’s truly all the same thing. 💫 – Manifestation of Self Love!

Research often attempts to bring the metaphysical power of Atma (the higher self) into something that can be conclusively explained, but refuses to recognize the energy of self that is beyond words. Some things we feel in a realm logic cannot conquer ,like music moving the soul.

We are powerful energetic beings.

Look at the countless mind over matter scenarios…spontaneous recovery, insane athletic performance, maybe even some pet hero scenario, people surviving days trapped in snow…you get the point.

My favorite example of this is of the artist Frida Kahlo. She was told after a bus accident that she would never walk again, but everyday she told herself she would; and so she did.


It’s all starts in the m(eye)nd. 👁

Thanks to my yoga and yoga philosophy teacher, I am overjoyed to understand the reality and beauty of the Sanskrit term Svadhyaya…meaning ‘self study’.

This is a Niyama (virtual observance) that encourages us to study ourselves in the here and now, our ego, our impact on the world around us, and our relationship with ourselves; thus increasing our overall awareness. This practice connects us to our True Self.

When you connect with your true self, greatness finds you.

I’m truly grateful that Yoga found me.

P.S. when you have any feelings of self- doubt. Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that “it’s all in your head.” You are your most ruthless critic.

Lighten up!

Yamas and Niyamas – Deborah Adele

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Currently reading The Yamas and Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele
This book is so much more than the title entails. It’s richness of truth and insight into spiritual guidance puts a lense of clarity over the foggy existential questions life can’t seem to ever answer.
It’s only been two weeks since I started my journey to becoming a yoga teacher and I’ve learned about the universe within and outside of myself in the most intimate form; All from knowledge outside of what most westerners view as yoga. It’s not about being able to do handstands and backbends. It’s about understanding the path to peace of mind, functioning from a place of high consciousness, and becoming in tune with your energy and the energy around you.
My wonderful teacher tells us that yoga without focus on breath and meditation is just gymnastics.
I’m very pleased at the power behind the most basic asanas (postures). I’m most grateful for this opportunity and super eager delve deeper into such a majestic place.

You gotta start somewhere

This is the current status of my standing bow or the pose know as Dandayamana-Dhanurasana in Bikram yoga. I don’t have the time or money to go to yoga classes regularly ( I know I know excuses excuses) but I will utilize the space I have at home to do what I can to progress and meditate. I’ll be posting the progress of this pose and others in the weeks to come. Support and encouragement is always welcome here along with helpful hints and tips. I’m having the most trouble getting my hips parallel with the ground! I know the flexibility aspect takes time 🙂 I’ll be patient.