Mind to Spirit

“…The tongue may speak to human ears, but souls are reached by souls that speak to souls…”

1977 Healers and the Healing Process – George W. Weeks

I was recently gifted an assortment of old books on holistic medicine. Some dated as far back as 1916. I’m fawning over the illustrations, fonts and wealth of information that is still so pertinent today. Many of the pages I randomly opened to seemed filled with words I needed in that moment. This has become the highlight of my week and makes all the stress of exams and deadlines worth it. I’m really looking forward to sharing more about what I find in these gems. Today at my chiropractic assistantship I felt the fire inside for healing get stronger. I have such a long way to go, but I am indeed on my way and that feels pretty good. I have been working on listening and observing my thoughts more closely and I realize that I am much more negative than I presumed. This closer observation gives me more leverage in successfully shifting my inner dialogue. I aim to create a more open channel within my vessel, one that is ready and able to receive the things meant for me. I truly believe that it is working and I want to write about the synchronicities with events and numbers that have occurred lately, but instead, my intuition tells me to just process and remain quietly present. In brief moments when I compare myself to this world, I’m afraid that I might be the crazy one, but deep down I know that’s just fear talking me out of being me. I have to constantly keep reminding myself that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Don’t forget that.

Until next post, namaste.

Tavia Rahki

Sleepless in Tallahassee 

(This article is published in the Healthy Living Section of Tallahassee Woman Magazine’s August/September 2017 issue. I love writing and sharing ways to live healthfully. I had a great time brainstorming and researching for this project. The best part was watching Sleepless in Seattle to prepare for the theme!  The topic covers the importance of sleep for a healthy life and tips to get the restful nights you deserve.)

“Sleepless in Tallahassee”

Second to love, sleep is the closest thing we have to magic.

Today, we face a sleep deprivation epidemic in which incidences of dozing off at work or behind the wheel happen all too often. Our modern world dances to the beat of it’s own drum, an unhealthy fast-paced society whose sleeping hours are dictated by the flip of a light switch instead of the absence of sunlight. While we can’t stop evolution, we can take hold of our lives as individuals. Developing healthy sleep patterns cultivates synchronicity, attuning us to the circadian clock, a biological mechanism that guides the lives of not only humans, but also plants and animals.

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Lemon Libation

I titled this post ‘Lemon Libation’ because warm lemon water has become a holy grail staple of the health conscious movement. “It’s good for you” they say.

While this holds true in my personal experience, I’m not a big fan of blanket statements, especially about our diets. We are all so diverse!

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This Little Light of Mine


I haven’t been writing much lately except for jotted ideas and feelings scribbled in my physical diary/notebook. Today I read an article I wrote with my Mom for Tallahassee Womens Magazine and this sparked my urge to write again. It’s something that just comes to me mellifluously. It’s because I write from my heart, and today I realized how truly happy that makes me feel. To share my truths with the world, gives my life purpose.

I remember impatiently telling my Mom that I wanted to blog what I had written before the issue would be published. This is because I just wanted to get something posted on my blog….I was impatient out of desperation. That tends to occur when my neurosis blocks the thoughts that flow from my higher self to my lower self, I get all worried and anxiety ridden (I wasn’t practicing yoga consistently that past couple weeks and it showed). It showed in my attitude, my posture and my speech.

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Go Nuts: Three Solid Reasons why Cashews are Bomb for your Bod 

Let’s talk about snacks. (something near and dear to my heart)
Cashews are one of my favorite snacks because of how filling  and tasty they are and how easily they store in my car’s middle compartment (readily available to snack on while passing up stopping at Chick- fil-a during traffic).

-But you couldn’t you just snack on any nuts?-

This is true, but here are some reasons why I choose cashews over other nuts:

1. Lower in fat than other nuts (we all want good fats, but not too much right? but of course! )

2. Contain a larger percentage of monounsaturated fats which is beneficial for optimal heart functioning by lowering LDL cholesterol

3. Substantial source of essential minerals like copper, zinc and selenium (all necessary cofactors for important metabolic processes)

Meditation and Your Brain

“Extensive practice involving sustained attention can lead to changes in brain structure. Here, we report evidence of structural differences in the lower brainstem of participants engaged in the long-term practice of meditation. Using magnetic resonance imaging, we observed higher gray matter density in lower brain stem regions of experienced meditators compared with age-matched nonmeditators. Our findings show that long-term practitioners of meditation have structural differences in brainstem regions concerned with cardiorespiratory control. This could account for some of the cardiorespiratory parasympathetic effects and traits, as well as the cognitive, emotional, and immunoreactive impact reported in several studies of different meditation practices.” – NeuroReport

(Long-term meditation is associated with increased gray matter density in the brain stem

Peter Vestergaard-Poulsena, Martijn van Beekc, Joshua Skewesa, Carsten R. Bjarkamb, Michael Stubberupd, Jes Bertelsend

and Andreas Roepstorff)

A little bit about the brain and mediation, skimming the surface.
I find this fascinating, yet not surprising at all.

There is a growing amount of research supporting that meditation can actually change the brain.

Change? What do you mean by that?

(I would write it all here, but that would take a while and I have some very necessary studying to do)

Below is a link to an interesting article from 1984 to start you off.

The Clinical Use of Mindfulness Meditation for the Self-Regulation of Chronic Pain

Practicing mindful meditation reduces stress on the entire body, effects brain wave patterns, effective in pain management  and even presents beneficial structural changes.

that’s super cool.

Infograph: Meditation and its Effects on Brainwaves
Infographic authored by Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality. To view the original post, Free Infographic: Meditation and its Effects on Brainwaves.
I love that I am taking my yoga teacher training in the midst of a Neuroscience grad program. I love what I’m learning and it is coming at what seems the perfect timing…24 years old.
I graduate from both programs on the same weekend, also a couple weeks before my 25th birthday.
I guess my gift to myself this year is doing something to help my development the best that I can before the “window of opportunity “closes (You know that window between 12-25 that people say is crucial, like if you don’t mature by then you’re going to be a weirdo for the rest of your life…right?)
Totally not true, but I used to have that fear.
The fear that I would miss out on the opportunity to become my best self.
I realize now how silly that was.
I’ve moved past that and I truly think I’m at a point where I’m enjoying the journey.
Meditation is helping me focus on the present, and in that place you have the power to always be your best self.
“And if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again” – Aaliyah
(totally applicable to my attempt at teaching Sun Salutation today lol)
Tavia Rahki

Fine Tuning 

 Thank you to the creator of this amazing infographic. 

Happy Tuesday! 


Black Mambo



No matter what race, ethnicity, tribe, cult, planet, religion, species, or whatever; this body wash will make you feel something amazing.

I love everything about it from the beginning of this experience to the end. The way it lathers, the scent, the feel, the perfect gentle/ not-too-scrapey scrub type feel. It’s just perfect. Also, it leaves you feeling clean without wondering if there’s random harsh chemicals attacking your cute little microscopic cells throughout the day. Thanks Shea Moisture. Thanks.

I cannot tell a lie.

Try it for yourself.
Go now! Run… No, sprint actually. Sprint barefoot to the nearest target or Walmart and buy some. Rescue yourself from the usual mundane shower experience. CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic but I just had two espressos.