My Kind of Yoga

Vinoy Park – St. Petersburg, FL

It’s been a while since I posted anything pertaining specifically to my yoga journey. Right now I am doing my best to balance my passions and the work associated with making those things happen. I moved to St. Pete for chiropractic school back in August 2017 and for the past few months I’ve been teaching at two studios I really love and used to only imagine teaching at. I remember when I honestly doubted I would ever teach regularly, but it is happening and I am deeply grateful for the wonderful people in my life who support and encourage my pursuit of what makes me happy.

My kind of yoga isn’t focused on mastering advanced asanas, I’m more eager to master the balance necessary to live well in union with God. That may look different for each of us, but for me it is simplicity, patience and gentle compassion for myself without judgement or comparison to others. The poses may come eventually, but if not, that’s okay too.

I want my profession, my hobbies, my food, my environment to be that which cultivates a healthy mind, body, and spirit (the entire purpose of starting this blog five years ago was to support this journey). This is my heart’s greatest desire. This is my truth.

Right now my ‘yoga’ is :

  • Taking time to breathe when I wake up, placing a hand over my heart and feeling it beat
  • checking in with my  posture throughout the day to breathe into my heart space and open my chest (I tend to hunch over due to years of negative self talk and low self-esteem, combating the energetic and musculature developments associated with this is a constant conscious efforts)
  • Making eye contact with peace instead of fear
  • taking yoga classes and not just teaching 
  • flowing alone
  • trying not to take on too much ( it’s okay to say NO!)
  • enjoying silence
  • listening
  • putting my phone and other electronics down and away from my body
  • maintaining a healthy relationship with food
  • removing excess stuff from my life
  • taking care of my plants
  • appreciating the little things
  • smiling at myself until it’s real
  • resting without guilt

Yoga truly is a life of mindful progress. That looks different for everyone. All I can really do is honor my journey and share it when I can. We each have all that we need within ourselves. One thing I know for sure it that fear and anxiety blocks the inner reservoir of light and love within each of us. How cool would it be if everyone tapped into that space? What a world it would be. #goals lol

The light within me, honors the light within you. Wishing you well always.


Tavia Rahki

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