Hello From the Other Side

This little place of mine here online has periods of being neglected in which I completely pretend it doesn’t exist at all. That is totally okay.

When I plug back in and read comments that spark my soul, it gives me fuel to write again and to share whatever I’m feeling freely. (I’d rather express true words every now and then instead of spitting consistent bull to meet some expectation.)

This blog started out as a sort of diary towards a better me. Then pressure built up from people around me as to what I “should” be doing. I realize as I’ve gotten older, that the process of filtering my own thoughts from others’ opinions has become less of an innately automatic occurrence, and more of an anxiety trigger. Anxiety is a crippling liar wearing a mask called fear. I struggle with this and it manifests in procrastination and indecision. Love the journey, right?

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