Mission Meraki


What is the exploration of self?

How do you begin to traverse such a multi-dimensional space?

I have so many questions and although I may not have answers to most of them, there is one thing I’ve realized and accepted in 26 years of living —I need roots, the kind of roots that my brain can build a healthy life upon.  They say networking is important—making connections or whatever.

“It’s not what ya know, it’s who ya know.”  Right?

But who are you? Do you really know you?

We are what we think and what we do, a production of thoughts and actions.  So, with that truth, we must recognize that the relationship we have with ourselves is a powerful connection that truly matters. Without establishing that bond, there’s no true beginning. How do you know where you are if you don’t remember or care about where you started?

Another important question to ask is-who do you want to start with?

You can be connected to so many other people that make life wonderful, but building a life without self-rapport is a recipe for a futile and chaotic life full of habitual loops and disappointments. When it comes to who you have in the front row seat watching your life play out, choose wisely, for their sake and your own…because when you don’t fully love yourself…you can’t fully love another person.

I refuse to be someone who spends their whole life running from spiritual mirrors, becoming bitter and blaming others for inadequacies or ill-will.

I pledge to be a light, someone who can reflect and inspire reflection.

The healithiest connections you can make with people are the kind that improve you, reminding you of your vast capabilities.  And for the connections that don’t have desired affects, learn from them. Learn from the mistakes, observe how actions and interactions stir emotions. Observe habits you like and dislike, asking yourself why or how so, when necessary. Make all of your time efficient. Be mindful of your influences. Be on the side of life that creates hope for the future. You’d be surprised how many people have little to no concern for what happens to this world after they die.

This blog post may seem a little pretentious and a bit negative, BUT negativity gets a bad reputation sometimes. Negativity for the sake of analysis is a gift. Negativity can create the light at the end of a tunnel leading the munsters and the demons out of darkness. Basically, we cannot improve ourselves, if we don’t know what to work on. Responsibility for oneself is a beautiful thing, having the ability to respond to any and every situation in a way that makes one congruent with their highest self.

What does it mean to love oneself responsibly? I think it’s a combination of unconditional love and best effort, constantly asking the question, “Did I lovingly do my best today?” It’s a frequency, a wave, a vibe. Whatever we call it, it really IS something.

Loving oneself while striving to be the best you can be anchors the soul to whatever it is that makes you, well… you. That is, if you want an unshakable spirit.
This is why I need roots, something to grow from that is secure in my mind, body and spirit. I’ve decided that faith is that something.

Faith seems to be a recurring part of what attaches hopes and dreams to the chase–the chase of courting your best self, the yearning to fulfill your greatest potential and make the world a better place.

Sometimes I’m hesitant to have faith in fear of being silly, the fear of being mocked by the universe at the end of this whole life thing; a cowardly little voice telling me it’s all in my head. So what if it is? Even if that were the case, would it be the worst thing? We would still not know how or why faithful belief has been such a powerful tool in human history. It just is. I’m not going to get all preachy, I’ll just get to the point.

My point is this: If you don’t have faith in God, the least you can do is have faith in yourself

To have the ability to change the course of life at any moment by thinking, believing and taking action is a super power. I see faith as a key to unlocking that potential.

The seeds of love and faith are nurtured by genuine gratitude.

Being thankful is a wondrous force that fills the blank gaps taunting my conscience…those chest sinking existential questions surrounding “What is?” and “What isn’t?” Gratitude brings my soul balance when I feel like giving up. The amount of unanswered questions about life can make existing seem bleak and pointless, but even if we did have all the answers, the reality is that you’re still here (wherever ‘here’ is). At that point the real question is, Do you want to be here or not?

I do…and whatever it is or isn’t, I’m grateful to be here. (Keep in mind, the alternative is death or just never existing at all). So yeah, being alive is a pretty neat adventure.


Right now, I choose these to be the roots supporting my mental flora. These are the roots that I am connecting myself to. As I grow these connections and expand my network of thoughts, I will have faith in myself to lovingly do my very best at being my human self. Doing so with gratitude for life and whomever/whatever created it.


– Tavia Rahki

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