Look around bro, look at life!


       Inspiration under the microscope:

1. Cranberry Juice

2. Goblet/secretory cells

3. Eye of a moth

4. DMT (dimethyltryptamine)

5. Flower ovary cross section

6. Azurite/Malachite

7. Aloe plant

There is beauty in all levels and forms of life. I aim to remember this when engaging in negative self- dialogue and try to expand outside of my little bubble, thinking about every cell of my being working uniquely to support the wonder of existence. Beauty is so much deeper than societal norms and appropriations. I see beauty in structure and function, in discovery and empathy, in smiles, tears and laughter. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what truly matters until something tragic slaps us in the face. Don’t wait on those wake-up calls. Be present now! Your body is an exquisite piece of biological machinery, strong enough to build things up and break them down. Your mind is a powerhouse of magnificent reason, logic and imagination. Your soul is the light that connects us all. Whenever I remember that, all my sorrows and first-world problems melt away, a heaviness is lifted off my shoulders and I can’t help but smile. “Look around bro, look at life!”
Tavia Rahki (W.bae)

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