Ethereal Equator 

It’s officially spring time! March 20th marks the Vernal or Spring Equinox (equal nights). The sun is crossing directly over the Earth’s equator, making day and night of equal duration.

So many things are blossoming and coming anew, both in nature and in our attempts to nurture ourselves and others. Animals are coming out of hibernation and farmers will be planting fresh crops. We are getting ready for spring cleaning and making hopeful commitments towards healthful habits like rising early,finding routines, and planting seeds of positivity through new goals and affirmations. This is a great time to be open minded, yet equally grounded in dedication to our goals.

Within every ending is a seed of new beginning. 
For centuries humans have regarded this as a special time to celebrate the triumph of light! (Sun worship is a foundational part of the history behind the rituals practiced in many cultures today). Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the equinox. (Fun fact: The origins of Easter date far before Christianity and the rabbit and the egg are symbols of sex and fertility).

I won’t be coloring eggs or gifting chocolate bunnies, but I do plan to meditate, reflect and embrace the end of a transformative experience. Today I start my journey back home after spending two months away, very far from everything I know (in rural parts of Africa and India). I’ve gained new insights and perspectives on life and a stronger sense of self. I’m ready to shed light on that and celebrate my personal triumph in letting go of dark baggage I’ve been dragging along for some time. I thank God for every second of life and I am eager to continue blossoming and learning, sharing knowledge and spreading love and light. Here’s to new beginnings and to finding balance.

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