Lemon Libation

I titled this post ‘Lemon Libation’ because warm lemon water has become a holy grail staple of the health conscious movement. “It’s good for you” they say.

While this holds true in my personal experience, I’m not a big fan of blanket statements, especially about our diets. We are all so diverse!

Bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine is a key in understanding how to personalize medicine and cater to the needs of every individual, from our individual gut flora to our dosha (mind-body constitution derived from the main bio-elements)

(I’m working on a post about doshas , how to find yours and incorporate it into a healthful lifestyle)

Agni ( Sanskrit for digestive fire) comes from the knowledge of ancient ayurveda (the roots of traditional holistic medicine). But not everyone needs to get fired up! Aryuvedic practice would advise that if you are “Pitta” dominant (this would be someone of a strong fire/water dosha), lemon water might not be the best thing to balance your already fiery constitution.
People often report health benefits that haven’t necessarily been “proven” in the scientific community. Who is to say their reality is true or false? I think this is where an individual has to balance intuition and intellect, approaching their own health with the scientific method. Try it with caution. BE MINDFUL.
There is one point in particular I would like to mention that I did not include on the infographic, the alkalizing power of lemons.  There are many sources online supporting the claim that lemons have anionic properties that contribute to alkalizing the body, thus increases the ability to  combat disease. This is a widely accepted truth in the naturopathic community and has rapidly spread it’s way into mainstream media. Most scientist would tell you this is bogus and that this notion stems from a misunderstanding of the role of citrate. While many claims such as this have been ‘debunked’ in the name or true science, there are an astounding number of people who report feeling amazing when returning to the habits of the old and embracing the wisdom of eastern medical practices. Many people preach that the alkaline diet saved their lives.

I know the medicinal power of food through managing my own health and my body has been my warm soft proof! (Get it? Opposite of cold hard truth lol I make myself laugh). But seriously, I was going to all kinds specialists for years to find the cause of a handful of ailments that threatened my quality of life, swelling of the lower extremities (pitting edema), severe digestive discomfort, sleep apnea, sever allergies, skin problems, and  obesity. Every doctor told me I was fine. It was painfully frustrating being 16 years old with these issue and being told that ‘according to your labs’ you’re a healthy young lady. Finally at the age of 22, I found some relief. My research mentor at the time (brilliant woman!) introduced me to the possibility of gluten intolerance (one of the most commonly misdiagnosed dis-‘eases’). I did a trial and strictly cut gluten out of my diet for two months and it changed my life. My swelling went down, I had energy again, lost about 3o pounds and finally felt like the healthy young lady I was supposed to be. This is what started a deepened interest in finding the truth and sharing it, to help myself and others on the journey towards vital longevity! In the past few years I have realized just how keenly sensitive the body is to the fuel we put in it. It’s all quite intuitive. In this day and age, healthy self = ‘heal thy self’. In most cases, prescribed medication is a band-aid, not a cure-all.  Eating healthy is just the beginning. There are still articles out there bashing gluten free diets and saying it’s all over-dramatized mumbo jumbo. I say, see for yourself. Use your noggin. 
Basically my point is that it would behoove us to think about all the proposed benefits, both the ones that are verified by ‘science based’ information and the ones that aren’t yet signed off on by the technocratic establishment of modern science (with caution of course).

The most innovative pioneers in research support that optimal function of the body systems and the brain are dependent on a healthy gut. (Dr. Perlmutter, Dr. Vodjani, etc).

(I could continue on and on with this but this post is supposed to be about lemon water! Click here to learn more about the  gluten intolerance, the history of wheat processing and the importance of a healthy gut).

I’m looking forward to posting more about alternative medicine. Thanks for your time.


Tavia Rahki

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