This Little Light of Mine


I haven’t been writing much lately except for jotted ideas and feelings scribbled in my physical diary/notebook. Today I read an article I wrote with my Mom for Tallahassee Womens Magazine and this sparked my urge to write again. It’s something that just comes to me mellifluously. It’s because I write from my heart, and today I realized how truly happy that makes me feel. To share my truths with the world, gives my life purpose.

I remember impatiently telling my Mom that I wanted to blog what I had written before the issue would be published. This is because I just wanted to get something posted on my blog….I was impatient out of desperation. That tends to occur when my neurosis blocks the thoughts that flow from my higher self to my lower self, I get all worried and anxiety ridden (I wasn’t practicing yoga consistently that past couple weeks and it showed). It showed in my attitude, my posture and my speech.

When my Mom asked me to help her with some ideas for an article about inner beauty, I had no idea what an enjoyably grounding experience this would be. It was therapeutic and helped to settle my thoughts. (I’m imagining little anchors gently hanging from spider web spindles-sequestering the fleeting thoughts wizzing around in my head.)

Today reading my own words again solidified my faith in the power of the holy trinity that is mind, body and spirit. Each must be nurtured in union and balance with love and with God.

So with that said, here I share my contribution to the article with some newly added edits! 

Cultivating Beauty in Your Life

“I want everyone who is reading this to look in the mirror with a bare face, even naked. Stare at yourself intently and be the observer of your thoughts. What do you think and what do you feel? Whatever it may be, positive or negative, (take a deep breath) wipe your mind clear and  loudly affirm “I AM”. (You are everything and nothing at the same time and exactly where you need to be). Let’s take a moment to get real with the real you. Do you ever feel like no matter what, you aren’t enough? (Let me remind you) YOU WERE BORN ENOUGH.

Are you investing in yourself or hiding from yourself?

What are your best inner qualities? What would your friends and family say if asked this question about you?

(More importantly…)

What do YOU say about you?

True self love is falling in love with the intrinsic values that support spreading your light into the world. Here are some mindful tips (to keep your beautiful light shining bright!)

  1. Find beauty in nature. Spend (at least) a few minutes (every day) marveling at the sun, the sky, the trees and the grass.
  2. Trade in your morning coffee for a cold-pressed juice, hot tea or a smoothie. Don’t scroll through Instagram or Facebook –no TV, no distractions. Sit up tall, breathe deeply and take each sip with mindfulness- and with each sip, think of something you have done that you are proud of or something that brings you joy, or simply be present in the moment.
  3. Today, when you look at people, think about what you notice first. Are you judging their appearance, their hair, their skin, their teeth, their body?  Watch those thoughts, reflect and redirect them to a positive mental space. Today, make it your mission to find beauty in everyone (even those who may not find beauty in you).
  4. Ok, so social media is a daily thing, but let’s look at how it affects our inner thoughts and mood. Scroll through your Facebook, Instagram, etc. and pause at any unpleasant feelings. Are you genuinely happy for others? Do you ever feel discontent after peeking into the lives presented by others? Why? Meditate on that or even journal your feelings.
  5. Write yourself a beauty affirmation letter/or note in your planner or any place you will definitely see it. This affirmation is most helpful when shedding light on an insecurity. It can be as simple as , “My presence is appreciated.” “I am worthy.” “I am beautiful”. “

-Tavia Rahki

Full article below, Page 32-33

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