September Eleventh Two-thousand & sixteen – Feels

The more I seek, the more I witness and discover key details of our existence becoming a part of my conscious reality. Like how timeless struggles for power and survival have shaped the state of today’s human experience. I cannot ignore the distrust, the lack of interconnectedness. Many have distrust of our own country and its leaders, of our neighbors, sometimes even our families. It’s a daunting curiosity that lingers in almost every space; the feeling of wondering how safe we are in the most seemingly comfortable places. We are too deeply entangled in our our delusions and addictions to recognize and approach this distrust with an air of unified clarity. To me it feels like a white noise that either keeps you asleep or is a constant reminder of a much needed awakening. My heart tells me to trust the timing of the universe and the power of love. By confidently trusting in a Divine web of perfect timing through love and humility, we can cast out any fears or paranoia about matters beyond our individual control. I want to send my love to the lives lost and the minds traumatized by the events that occurred on 9/11. We all hope that nothing like this will every happen again, but it has…and it continues to happen on and off “our soil”. (Big or small, events like this only display the lowest and most chaotic vibrations of human potential).I pray that we can come together to do better, to illuminate the future with compassion and understanding, and with genuine respect for the differences of nations. I pray for unity. I pray for peace. I pray for progress. I pray for global enlightenment. 

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