Right on Time 

I’ve kind of been in a funk lately since my 25th birthday last Sunday. I let in some deeply negative thoughts and they stayed for a while. I sat with it, observed it; crippling feelings of stress, uncertainty, insecurity and fear. I let my honest emotions creep in and teach me something about myself. Yesterday I cried it out. Shortly after that, I got my real smile back.

 When I got home tonight I had a flood of nostalgia, both happy and sad memories that have shaped who I am today. What triggered this rush of rewinded thoughts? 

This little guy featured in the photo below 
 It’s 2am and I just finished packing after a four hour drive and we have a flight leaving at 7am. Hope I didn’t forget anything in my delusional drowsy packing attempt. Anyways, this is Mr. Boo Boo…he watches my stuff when I’m gone and loves me unconditionally. He’s also a stuffed symbol of my first love and current partner (who I am forever grateful for). I made him at Build-A-Bear ten years ago. Once I thought he was lost forever but I found him again. If you would have asked me a few years ago what my life would be like today, I would have been pretty far off…but it’s nice that some things are unpredictable. It reminds me that there are grand forces at work, playing on the strings of faith and intuition. I’m a seeker, a dreamer, a lover, a student of the universe finding her way and I’m happy to be where I am right in this moment. 

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