Simple Veggie Wrap (GF & Vegan) 

These wraps are super simple and quite tasty! I got most of these wholesome ingredients at Rollin’ Oats. Preparation for this quick meal is about ten minutes. 


(I used all organic ingredients)

Udis Gluten Free Spinach Tortillas

Handful of baby arugula

Palmful of microgreens mixture 

2 small Radishes sliced

Red Onion (slivers)

Grape Tomatos (sliced into four)

1/4 Avocado 

Carrots (I used a 4-6 carrot chips)

Cilantro (used 6-8 leaves)

Balsamic Vinegar 

pinch of salt (sprinkle over)

Dash of pepper (sprinkle over)


Warm wrap in pan/skillet on medium high for one minute.

Place all ingredients inside the wrap, drizzle over balsamic vinegar and sprinkle pepper and a little salt. Wrap and enjoy!

GF Matcha Berry Pancake Bites 

( this recipe can be made vegan by substituting with egg replacer)



3/4 cup Vanilla Rice Milk

1 eggs

1 tbs almond oil ( other oil or butter will do)

1 cup gluten free pancake mix (Bob’s Red Mill)

2 tbs cane sugar

1 small pinch of salt

1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

1 tsp cinnamon

(I also crushed a handful of cinnamon Chex cereal into my batter but I was getting a little wild, so if you’re feeling fun…dooooo itttt)

Oh and you will also need raspberry jam and blueberries!

Recipe yield 5 bites (10 little bite pancakes)


(Have a skillet preheated to medium-high)

Thorughly mix wet ingredients together, then slowly mix in the flour mixture  until it’s a smooth texture that can run off a lifted spoon/whisk.

Also mix in a teaspoon of matcha powder until dissolved evenly.

Use a tablespoon to pour batter into the pan (have pan oiled or buttered first), flip when bubbles form near and around the edges of each and cook for a couple more minutes.

Transfer to plate or sheet and spread raspberry jelly on all of them! Yay!

Top half with blueberries and sandwich the other sides on top.

Devour and smile because you just did that ish. 

Nom nom nom.