Go Nuts: Three Solid Reasons why Cashews are Bomb for your Bod 

Let’s talk about snacks. (something near and dear to my heart)
Cashews are one of my favorite snacks because of how filling  and tasty they are and how easily they store in my car’s middle compartment (readily available to snack on while passing up stopping at Chick- fil-a during traffic).

-But you couldn’t you just snack on any nuts?-

This is true, but here are some reasons why I choose cashews over other nuts:

1. Lower in fat than other nuts (we all want good fats, but not too much right? but of course! )

2. Contain a larger percentage of monounsaturated fats which is beneficial for optimal heart functioning by lowering LDL cholesterol

3. Substantial source of essential minerals like copper, zinc and selenium (all necessary cofactors for important metabolic processes)

Looney Tunes 


Me: “heyyyy gal, you’re pretty dope.”

Myself: “Omg stop. How true is that really ? ”

I: “ As true as you want it to be.”

‘Motivational self- talk reduces perception of effort, enhances endurance performance and task completion.’ -The Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine

This is just one research example of how self-dialogue promotes a healthy internal environment. Talking to yourself is beneficial to your wellness, and can seriously make your life flow more smoothly.

I’ve heard of positive affirmations, speaking things into the universe, manifesting your desires, etc.


it’s truly all the same thing. 💫 – Manifestation of Self Love!

Research often attempts to bring the metaphysical power of Atma (the higher self) into something that can be conclusively explained, but refuses to recognize the energy of self that is beyond words. Some things we feel in a realm logic cannot conquer ,like music moving the soul.

We are powerful energetic beings.

Look at the countless mind over matter scenarios…spontaneous recovery, insane athletic performance, maybe even some pet hero scenario, people surviving days trapped in snow…you get the point.

My favorite example of this is of the artist Frida Kahlo. She was told after a bus accident that she would never walk again, but everyday she told herself she would; and so she did.


It’s all starts in the m(eye)nd. 👁

Thanks to my yoga and yoga philosophy teacher, I am overjoyed to understand the reality and beauty of the Sanskrit term Svadhyaya…meaning ‘self study’.

This is a Niyama (virtual observance) that encourages us to study ourselves in the here and now, our ego, our impact on the world around us, and our relationship with ourselves; thus increasing our overall awareness. This practice connects us to our True Self.

When you connect with your true self, greatness finds you.

I’m truly grateful that Yoga found me.

P.S. when you have any feelings of self- doubt. Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that “it’s all in your head.” You are your most ruthless critic.

Lighten up!