Tick Tock

feeling frustrations with time.
[the following is a note to myself]
wake up.
There are 24 hours in a day. Whatever that means to you is irrelevant.

If you want to be more productive, then consciously be aware of what you are doing in this very moment.
Like right now for instance….
You’re on your phone blogging about how you feel, right this instant; torn between studying and doing yoga….also going in and out of analyzing the time already spent earlier today, wondering how you could have made it a more productive day… (And this is where the real trouble comes in, wasting time thinking about how you waste time as a subconscious way to continue procrastinating) 
You really do overthink the simplest things sometimes.
Silly gyal.
Do a short yoga sesh, sit down, read your textbook and take notes. Go!
Alright then.
Let’s do it.

writing this to pull myself out of an “I don’t feel like doing anything because my mind is wandering, riding a nice wave of serious chill vibes”. Let’s see if it works 🙂

– Tavia Rahki

image from Buzzstrokes Watercolor Clocks (I want one, or I want to try making my own! Yay for a new DIY project!) 

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