Singing Quietly

Just thankful to have a place to lay my head, a squishy comfy bed.
Heavy eyelids that smile with content. Unbent and unwound.
Bare feet wisp the ground without haste.
Lazy days are important for ones development.
Don’t forget to have lazy days.
Even so, that brain of yours never stops ticking does it?

Nope…it keeps me wild.

– Tavia Rahki

Smushy Sweet Stuff

I used five sweet potatoes, vegan marshmallows, pecans, vegan butter,cinnamon and sugar

1. Bake sweet potatoes in the oven first or microwave for 10 minutes to save time
2. Peel skin and empty into bowl
3. Break marshmallows up (amount is your preference) and mix in with 2 tbs of vegan butter, cinnamon and brown sugar (again, preference)
4. When that’s well mixed cover the top with a layer of flattened marshmallows and sprinkle crushed pecans over that. (maybe more cinnamon and sugar too if you’re feeling like it’s just so necessary)
5. Bake 7-9 minutes on 400 deg (marshmallows should be golden brown on the edges)
6. Enjoy



Coffee Friend



Went to Felicitous independent coffee house for the first time, got Choco Coco Loco and found the yummiest little treat!!