Back to the Mission

When missing someone, the inside jokes become the silver lining around clouds of fading memories.
I assume that time will fade it all into one big daunting blur.

Maybe not exactly time itself, but more specifically what I do IN it (not with it)

I never thought I would be one to genuinely enjoy the quiet solitude of my mind and recognize the freedom of mental retreat.
In this place is where I know my corpse is merely a vessel.
What a relief.

When our vessels burst and the amorphous contents leaks into infinity…will we still feel those intangible catalytic feelings that inevitably guide our every action?
Will the others still remain in the drowning pool of the ones that were missed?
Can you control the matters of the heart in every realm of existence?
What is grace and can you share it with the ignorant and the wicked? Or is an attempt to do so just energy wasted?

It can’t be…
can it?

All questions that will never be answered until my aura escapes the clockwork of these arteries.

I believe that the escaping aura is a wealth of light.
It was said in truth that Light is Love.
Love is free.

True freedom is in truth.
Truth is my only religion.

Never stop loving.

– Tavia Rahki , Mission Metanoia

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