Meet Mandy


This afternoon I had a visitor, a baby snapping turtle. I took it upon myself to name this little guy Mandy (because he’s got a mean mandible)! haha get it? We swaddled this baby up in a towel and walked him to the nearest decent body of water. I live basically on a wetland reserve so it wasn’t hard to find. Now he’s back in his comfy place, hopefully with his friends and family. My Disney/Pixar infiltrated mind provokes me to wonder if he wasn’t lost at all. What if he wanted to come in for lunch? Or maybe he does this all the time and loves being swaddled and carried like a baby moving the comparable speedy pace of a human stride,like a free roller coaster. Maybe my so called “turtle rescue” is merely his form of afternoon entertainment. I’ll never know. Goodbye Mandy.

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