A chip off the writer’s block, a pebble in my sandal

So I’ve been working on a very detailed blog post on the tale of my first trip to Europe. I’m hesitant to post it but I will be posting it soon enough. It’s embellished with my personal thoughts and glittered with photos to capture the imagery of my forever gone traveling moments that are now trapped in the frozen frames of time and space. This is exactly why I must return and even more so, the reason I have to follow through with the post. Wish me luck!

The Beginning

As I finish packing up the last bits of my existence in my apartment, the wild ghosts of past emotions dance around my mind and pull on my heart strings. In haste I ignore each tug until the moment it feels like my heart is ripping open and I’m drowning in a flood of memories.


We painted these on our first date. A blind date. Also the day I learned that he loves red gummy bears.

My cheeks are hot and moist.
I’m human. As my salty tears fall in a silent stream I take a deep breath.

love is a really beautifully unpredictable irresistible mess.
I’ll see you in my dreams.