Wet Sand Hands

Visiting “Alexis Mi Amiga Mejor” (that’s what my iphone calls her lol)

She brings me back to life.

Started the morning off dog sitting this little cutie. So tiny and soft. I wonder if that’s how people feel about babies? Eh. The real question is, how would we feel about babies if they weren’t so tiny and soft?




Fueling up at Satchels. My first time there and I loved it a lot. Too much freaking adorable-ness. I’m convinced that more than 60% of enjoyable dining is a product of the atmosphere. I want my own little cute restaurant one day. I devoured my salad and didn’t even have room for my gluten free vegan pizza. (The pizza even had BBQ tempeh on it. I’m in heaven)

On the drive to the lake I started feeling sick and when we got there I stumbled towards a tree and threw up. Weird. Alexis was barely comforting because she was laughing so much. After she pulled herself together I got a couple pats on the back in my hunched vomiting position. (She later imitated the brisk hunched waddling struggle I did before reaching the base of a tree, similar to a small raptor)
I think I was allergic to something in the salad but whatever.
The lifeguard lady brought me some cups of water which Alexis knocked over and spilled completely before I got enough gulps to completely wash the acid taste from my mouth. (Gross,I know, but anyways it happened) Sidenote: it wasn’t the pizza that got me sick because I ate it later that night and was fine so Satchels is still just as wonderful, okay!!?! Good.

Despite my funny little vomiting fiasco I was still super stoked to partake in water play.

There is a lightning watch and we can’t do any water activities. Sigh. I’m bummed. The sun was literally just shining on my cheeks like five minutes ago. I blink about three times and look up and there are purplish gray rain clouds peeing on me.

We run to the car and have a pow wow. (Yes, I said a pow wow)

My cheeks are hot.

We return to check on the warning status. No bueno. We rent a volleyball. Cool.

A couple guys and a girl ask to play with us. It’s starts pouring at this point.

Wet sand volleyball. Let’s do it!!

It was amazing. Sand in my eyes and drenched clothes sticking to my body. I didn’t care. I felt a rush from this moment. So pure and spontaneous I couldn’t even take a picture. I was having too much fun.
The other team was quite adamant about keeping score. I couldn’t help but assume that each of them had their own personally traumatizing reason to emphasize that we needed to count points, like being picked last for teams in sixth grade or not getting picked to be team captain on the junior high football team.
I have similar haunting sentiments of my own but at least I know how to keep a lid on the bubbling of my prepubescent angst.
We let them keep score the whole time but I ignored keeping track myself. Things like that make me anxious for no reason.
It may sound silly but hey, we won.
They didn’t like that.
We started playing another game and switched sides on their request. (our opponents stressed that it definitely made a difference)
“Oh okay.” We switched.
We lost but I felt like it was a win because we were all laughing so hard it felt amazing. I appreciate the intensity of the opposing side because it gave me a chance to push myself an exert my best effort.
Did I mention that I dove into the ground for a ball and slammed my chin on the sand like a BOSS. (And made a point…*hair flip)
Before we could play for a tie breaker we were kicked out of the area for “safety reasons”.
My gut feeling tells me this messenger who ended our tie breaking game was there for a special purpose. Because of him we will never think to remember who won…I’ll only remember that I left feeling happy because I had a great time.

Lesson learned: Trying my best reminds me of what’s real but being too competitive takes away from the thrill.
( that kind of rhymed,yes?)


Oh hello sand, get out of here. You will be missed.


Went to trader joes and publix and then publix again. The result was well worth it. We used trader joes gluten free brownie mix and substituted 1/4 cup of applesauce instead of using egg. White chocolate wonderful peanut butter for “icing”.
Best Friend said it was the best brownie she’s ever had but I don’t believe her.
It was prettyyyy damn good though.


Pow wow.

We painted and she helped me learn how to blend colors and break my habit of strictly using solid blocked off colors. It was hard for me. I get all confused when I start blending.
I’ll get better! (My recently made volleyball pal kept reminding me of this every time I started getting flustered or nervous. It helped keep me in the fun of the moment instead of stressing over the outcome. “It’s okay you’ll get better”…words to live by for sure. )


The next day we woke up and went straight back to the lake in the morning to beat the rain. (We actually checked the weather this time like real adults…how responsible of us)


It’s just so hot.


“You look sun kissed!”



I drop this little monster off at class.
Find chipotle. ( dire necessity)
Change in the chipotle parking lot. (Had to brush the sand off my tush)

Then I’m on my way. Car packed tightly with nearly all my belongings. Five years of accumulation and no permanent destination.


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