Avocadango Time

Yes,yes I did try to combine avocado and mango into one word.

I did so in honor of one of my favorite unlikely combinations.


Super easy meal!

Avocadango Salad
– avocado
– mango
– bean burger (of your choice ofcourse!)
– Annie’s papaya poppy seed dressing
– kale and spinach (or your choice of leafy goodness)

1.Cube avocado and mango while cooking your bean burger (below this there is a photo of the kind of burger I used)
2. Drizzled desired amount of dressing over the avocadango mixture and add your burger (broken into whatever sized pieces you want) and then mix together
3. Dump the mixture on top of your leafy greens and then eat the mess

takes less than ten minutes!

(I actually a have a recipe for black bean and tempeh burgers I make from scratch when I have time. Hopefully I will be posting that recipe soon!)


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