Close the Gap

This “closing the gap” idea has been reoccurring in my life lately. It started with my anxiety about the whirlwind of crap I’ve been organized in my brain like work, graduation, future plans, eating clean, working out, praying, faith, family, friends, relationships money, appearance etc. I realize that the root of my anxiety stems from the chaotic combination these earthly factors have with the soul searching, “to be or not be”, type of banter that goes on in my head….imagine inescapable elevator music that sounds familiar but is too low to make out the words…but you’re SO sure you know it! Too bad you can’t sing along. Yep that’s how I feel. Now back to this “to be or not to be” stuff. (Who am I? What do I want for myself? Who will I become? How do I find balance of mind, body and spirit?) La laaaa la la la laaaaa la laa la la! -_- (oh no it’s the elevator music again) All of these inner-self questions have something in common and that is “I”! In my mandatory speech class I was half paying attention when my instructor touched on a topic I couldn’t ignore. She lectured about closing the gap between who you say you are and who you actually are. I looked into this and curved it to be more fitting to my own current reality. Instead of making yet another spastic to-do list with every task/goal I’ve ever created, I cleared the canvas and set a new goal that will, in time, lead me to where I want to be. ( wherever that is). My focus is to lead my everyday actions in a direction towards closing the gap between who am I and who I want to be along with what impact I would like to have on my surroundings and vice versa. For motivation I wrote “close the gap” on a whiteboard in my bedroom. A dear friend of mine asked me to explain what it meant and when I did he frantically showed me an excerpt from a book he was reading. ( laughable side note: before grabbing the book he actually gasped and then mumbled “Da Vinci code” ) haha But there it was again, this idea of “Closing the gap”. Boom Boom POW. I’m definitely running with this one. Luckily, because this is MY life journey, there is no formula for this equation or map route leading to my congruent self. All I really know is that certain actions bring me positivity and feed progressive thoughts and in those thoughts I find happiness. I’m working towards trusting my instincts and listening to the happy place in my heart and mind. Hooray to a new mental stepping stone! I’m on my way – oh and this is a doodle of my third eye. He’s also about to graduate  and is feeling a little weird. ^_^ 20140326-191716.jpg


As a working and full time college kid I don’t really have extra time in the morning to whip up gluten free vegan pancakes from scratch in the cramped kitchen of my hobbit hole apartment. This week I tried Vans pancakes. I could pronounce all the ingredients listed so I figured it wouldn’t kill me.

Here is a picture of the box. I’ve eaten the waffles before and they were a win so I made my purchase in high hopes.


I was happy with the result! Below is my breakfast the past two mornings. I cover the pancakes in soy yogurt and fruit, agave nectar, chia seeds. The yogurt is so sweet it’s like I’m eating a cake!