and so the journey begins!

In the the past eight months I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds. (163lbs to 134 lbs) Something I thought I would never accomplish like seriously ever. I was so very wrong and I want to share my struggle, my experience and my goals. Being where I’m at feels so great but it’s kind of scary. Where do I go from here? What else can I accomplish? A part of me felt guilty for feeling confident about myself. I’m over that now and instead of wasting time only thinking about what I could do I’m just going to do it. One of the first steps in that direction is writing this post.

OK. Sooo…I’ve been gluten free since June 2013 (when I discovered my intolerance to gluten…that’s another story I’ll share later) and this coming Monday marks my 2 months veganniversary!!! ( I tried to be clever there hahha) Anyways, the point here is that I’ve found my niche. Since high school I have struggled with eating disordered behavior. It’s been hard finding a healthy balance. It took everything in me to strive for health instead of just an image. The past few years have been such an interesting journey. This May 2014 I will be graduating with a degree in Exercise Science and I couldn’t be happier. I changed my major twice before that and had to take an extra year to finish. I’m thankful for the bumps in the road that led me here. My struggles give me potential to connect to others who have been there too and may be currently be trapped in that mind set. The rough patches are worth it because I’ve found my passion! Yaayyy! Health and Wellness make me happy, truly happy. I love helping people in any capacity that I can. The most rewarding experience is helping others nourish their mind, body and spirit. First I must take a leap and work hard for my own progress. This week I started putting more effort into my mentality and work ethic. I want the strength to push myself forward with confidence. I have conquered building a healthy relationship with food and now I want to be stronger, (physically, mentally and spiritually) so I can help other people do the same. I want to pursue a graduate degree in a field of health that can help break down the mental barriers keeping people from reaching for what they deserve and help make a plan to build them up!! It all starts in those complex thoughts of ours. The brain is a crazy thing. I’m posting my first photo of my body and will continue to post my progress. (excuse the mess) I appreciate the support. Thank you!!!


You gotta start somewhere

This is the current status of my standing bow or the pose know as Dandayamana-Dhanurasana in Bikram yoga. I don’t have the time or money to go to yoga classes regularly ( I know I know excuses excuses) but I will utilize the space I have at home to do what I can to progress and meditate. I’ll be posting the progress of this pose and others in the weeks to come. Support and encouragement is always welcome here along with helpful hints and tips. I’m having the most trouble getting my hips parallel with the ground! I know the flexibility aspect takes time 🙂 I’ll be patient.

so this vegan thing

This is my breakfast from the past couple of days. Being a vegan seems easiest for breakfast, at least in terms of prep time and variety. I’m excited to continue this new lifestyle. I feel great and that’s enough motivation in itself to stick with this. I can’t really imagine going back to anything else. Wish me luck! Stay golden! -Tavs


Science and Faith

How does it feel to be a part of this beautifully ingenious design. I have faith that there is a chosen moment in which my soul will expand infinitely free from time and space. Some may find that foolish but I have reasons for my beliefs that are uniquely my own. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies making up the universe. Earth is only one planet of billions orbiting inside just one of these 500,000 billion or more galaxies and I myself am only one person; One of over seven billion people living on our dynamic little planet. Instead of being diluted by this infinitesimal proportion I accept it as a challenge and I use science to strengthen my spirituality. It provokes curiosity and redefines my view of logical thinking. I believe that existence is based on the exchange of energy and functionality. Energy is expended to carry out various tasks to ensure
the function of an organism. This is evident in every life form and has been the founding principle supporting lifetimes of discoveries. Energy is spent with purpose. I can’t help but draw the conclusion that the energy required to create the universe itself was done so for a purpose. You and I were created with a purpose. – Tavia Rahki Smith