What the hell is wrong with me

I avoid watching the best shows because they suck me into my alter ego universe where I fuck up everything all the time and love doing it. But holiday breaks and boredom have lead me to the most wonderful fate. I’m watching GIRLS. It’s pushing me off the edge of spontaneity. Gahhhh. Too perfect. FML. This is definitely happening. The more lost I feel the more found I am in a backwards uncomfortable Alice in Wonderland kind of way. It’s addicting and contagious like a tingling feeling that’s always annoying me but I wouldn’t be alive without it. I think for now it’ll be called my poison ivy crack cup of tea until I think of something catchy. Oh and I’ve wanted a tattoo sleeve for years and I don’t have the balls to get one and that saddens me so I think I’m going to just do it. The End…for now. Sigh. Hip hip hooray. I think.





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