Always have a happy tummy


I love that I can take charge of my health and use it as a creative outlet. My food is a fun break from the stress of everyday college life. It makes me happy inside and my tummy likes it too. ^_^
Almost one month vegan and I feel amazing. I’m thinking this might be a serious change for the long haul!

And for my hair…

Blonde and pink hair lasted all of 48 hours. Box bleach will ruin your hair and consequently your life( or at least it will seem that way for a bit)…I don’t regret it but I would be a horrible person if I didn’t give a warning. If you want to go from black to blonde hair go to a freaking salon. My hair is falling out and my ego is taking a beating but me and my ego will both get through this eventually. My hair is now back to black and five inches shorter. A small part of me is hoping that a really hot girl will mistake me for a lesbian and try to hit on me. How’s that for an ego boost eh? Gosh. I hope getting my next tattoo ( my only current one is a hidden generic star the size of a quarter next to my boob) will not end in the same dismay. The suspense is exciting and a bit nauseating. Ooooh and I’m trying to be a vegan because I watched way too many documentaries in the past couple weeks. The End…for now.
– Tavs

What the hell is wrong with me

I avoid watching the best shows because they suck me into my alter ego universe where I fuck up everything all the time and love doing it. But holiday breaks and boredom have lead me to the most wonderful fate. I’m watching GIRLS. It’s pushing me off the edge of spontaneity. Gahhhh. Too perfect. FML. This is definitely happening. The more lost I feel the more found I am in a backwards uncomfortable Alice in Wonderland kind of way. It’s addicting and contagious like a tingling feeling that’s always annoying me but I wouldn’t be alive without it. I think for now it’ll be called my poison ivy crack cup of tea until I think of something catchy. Oh and I’ve wanted a tattoo sleeve for years and I don’t have the balls to get one and that saddens me so I think I’m going to just do it. The End…for now. Sigh. Hip hip hooray. I think.