Today I Decided.

Today I decided…to be honest with my goals. I want to do what I WANT TO DO…and more importantly, WHEN I WANT TO DO IT.

I look back at my life so far and think:

Maybe I fell way too hard in love with Alice in Wonderland…

Maybe I watched Harriet the Spy 500 times too many.

Maybe I shouldn’t have decided that Matilda was the coolest kid I ever wish I knew.

Maybe A Never Ending Story wasn’t hidden with messages that I hold dear to my soul.

or maybe…just maybe..that is EXACTLY what life intended for me, to have a burning fire in my heart for risk taking, my passion is ADVENTURE.

I want to see everything, go everywhere.

So I’ve decided. On my own…to break free.

The decision I will be making in the next fews months after graduation are not at all what the Mom or the Dad or the friends or the Uncles and Aunts would deem “a solid foundation”…I will be labeled momentarily as a disappointment or sad ending.

Solid foundations are BORING.

I want to fall down a few rabbit holes and find the strength inside myself to thrive amongst the uncertain and the unfamiliar.

This is my choice.

I have no idea what gifts I will grab from the future.

The only thing I know for sure is that this is the BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE.

this is just the beginning.