But I’m still an animal

Today is my 22nd birthday and while I was getting dressed a question popped into my head…I asked myself if I was too old to wear my chucks. My heart sunk a bit and I started to get sad as if my last glimpse of youth had slipped away with my last night of the label “21”. I stared at my reflection and the animals on my shirt triggered a feeling that brought me solace. The spirit of animals is not bound my time or age and I too am still an animal. I realized I can be as free as my heart desires. I laced up my kicks and walked out the door. No matter what my age I’m just doing me. 22 who? I am not my age I am Tavia Rahki. I only hope to grow wise and strong and my spirit lead me to new adventures. The nature of heart is timeless.


I can’t help but wonder.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived a different life. My existence feels like a parallel repetition of someone else sharing my soul; as if time itself is just my imagination. I can’t help but wonder. It irks within me, restlessly. I want meet them all. One day.
-Tavia Rahki ™